Common Questions/Problems with fuel rewards


How do I earn discounts?

For every $50 spent at Northgate BiLo you will receive a 10¢ per gallon discount. Only purchases at registers were the Rewards cards are scanned are eligible, which includes BiLo Hometown Pharmacy and BiLo Pizzaria.



How long do my rewards last?

They expire after 60 days after they are earned. Your Northgate BiLo receipts will show your balance and expiration dates.



Which purchases are restricted?

The rewards offer excludes purchases of tobacco, fuel, price controlled milk products, kerosene, state/federally funded prescription purchases, stamps, lottery tickets, gift cards, money orders, copy/fax services, delivery charges, donations, fees, western union, phone cards, and items prohibited by law.



How do I use the small card at the pump?

You can't use the small card at the pump, you my use it to prepay or leave it with the cashier and pay inside after you pump.



Can you check what I have on my card?

Yes you can check your card here but changes can only be made at grocery store. Your balance will be printed on your receipt from Northgate BiLo Foods.



Will the card release the pump so that I can pay after?

No, you must bring your card inside then the cashier will release the pump.



Do I earn rewards at the gas station?




Do I still get to use my points if I don't use all 30 gallons?

No, you can have up to 30 gallons in one transaction only.



Can I put gas into two cars to use up my 30 gallon limit?

No. due to safety reasons and state laws we are not premitted to hold pump sales from one vehicle to another.



What if my discounts exceed the current price per gallon?

Whatever amount is above the current price per gallon will be returned to the card so it can be used at a later date.


If I have additional questions what can I do?

Either call the store at (724) 425-5990, e-mail us at, or simply stop in.



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